LGBT Wedding Photography in Orlando

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Last Updated: May 23, 2024

I have been a wedding photographer for almost a decade now, having recently relocated to the Orlando, FL area. I have always been firm believer that love is love, without exception. An unfortunate surprise to me, was a question that came up on occasion over the years, was if I was able to capture those precious moments during an LGBT wedding? Of course my answer has always been an emphatic – YES! I quickly realized that there are still people and places in the world that might consider it taboo and wanted create a post dedicated to the topic.

LGBT Wedding Lifestyle Photography

As a lifestyle photographer first, my photography style was never rooted in making people look like they were posing for a boy band album cover. I tell my clients all the time, “Go play on that swing”, “Walk and talk to each other”, “Just be yourselves and pretend I’m not here” etc. Of course I’ll be there to capture the wedding party on the church steps and any other formal requests you might have. But there’s something more you get from a photograph when it’s not rehearsed or staged. Making sure you can look back and see that  genuine laugh, a happy tear and the care in the eyes of those around you. That is what I aim to deliver.

Capturing the Most Authentic YOU

Capturing those precious moments on your wedding day is a true honor that I take very seriously. There are a lot of traditions during a wedding, that are centered around having a bride and a groom.  So naturally, a same-sex wedding is going to have some things that are going to be different. Two grooms showcased on a beautiful cake? Two dances with the mother? Do we still do a bouquet toss? Whatever you and your partner decide you’d like to do on your big day, I’ll be by your side capturing those moments.

I want my clients feel completely comfortable during the planning process and of course, during the main event. We will outline exactly what you have planned throughout your wedding day, so there’s not a worry about having something missed on the big day. I’m asked all the time, “What have seen you seen during other LBGT weddings?” Allow me to share! I also love the opportunity to be creative if you want to try something different. Already know exactly what you want? Great! I don’t say no. This is your day and I’m here to support you and capture your most authentic, fun, crazy selves. I am here to help as much or as little as you want me to.

General LGBT Photography

From time to time I have received emails or an inquiry asking if I would offer my services to the LGBT community. Just the fact that some felt the need to ask and clarify that with me, hurt my heart. In a perfect world , I believe that no person should have to ask another, for permission to be whomever they really are. Lifestyle photography is all about authenticity. It’s the core of who I am as a person and deeply rooted in my photography.

 Please know this isn’t about me trying to market myself to the LGBT community, but to reassure and comfort my clients – that when I ask them to act natural and be themselves, I truly mean it.


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