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Last Updated: May 24, 2024

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Orlando Family Photography - Recent Examples

Let’s Chat!

Wanderlust Portraits is an Orlando family photographer with over 14 years of photography experience.

What better time than while on vacation to have your family photos taken? Perhaps you have friends with you too. Take advantage while all your loved ones are together, which is sometimes the most challenging part!

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to call somewhere in the Sunshine State home?

No matter the case, Wanderlust Portraits has been capturing family portraits for over a decade and would love to help make sure your photo shoot goes as smoothly as possible.

In this article, we’ll provide our tips to help you find the best Orlando family photographer for pictures you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

Orlando Family Photography – Our Experience

This might go without saying, but not all Orlando family photographers have much experience, specifically with family photography. Perhaps they are primarily a wedding photographer and don’t have much experience capturing family members.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hire a wedding photographer, but just make sure family photography is something they excel at.

Review Their Online Gallery

Want to know the easiest way to tell?

Ask them for family portrait examples and what location examples they have. Make sure you like what you hear and see.

Time & Location

Perhaps you already have a place in mind? If so, ask them what time of the day would be best.

Orlando family photographers with experience will often lead you to the morning and evening time slots for a portrait session. These times offer some of the best natural lighting and is often referred by photographers as the golden hour.

Shooting for the morning can also help with kids, knowing everyone will look fresh and gorgeous.

Locations for Orlando Family Photographers

family sitting on lawn

Central Florida offers many stunning places for a family portrait session. Listed below are just a few of our favorites that are convenient to the Orlando area.

If you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for, please do reach out with what you’re looking for, such as an outdoor location or something in the theme parks, etc.

We have a full lineup of the best photoshoot locations in Orlando here if you wish to review more options.

How Much Are Orlando Family Photographers?

Costs for most Orlando family photographers range between $250-$600 for a portrait session.

Of course, costs matter, but that aside, choosing the right Orlando photographer can enhance the entire experience.

From meeting you during the golden hour, suggesting locations throughout Orlando, Fl, and making you and your loved ones have fun and feel comfortable is all part of the package.

For full pricing information for a photography session from Wanderlust Portraits, please see here.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right Orlando family photographer can capture all those fleeting moments perfectly. As families grow, a true professional will capture amazing photos of your husband and children that you’ll cherish a lifetime.

Still have questions? Please see our FAQ below or drop us a message; we’d love to hear from you.

Orlando Family Photographers Answer Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the Golden Hour in Orlando, FL?

The golden hour is typically an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.

The natural sunlight is the perfect complement to skin tones and helps us avoid bad weather, especially during the summer.



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