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Last Updated: July 10, 2024

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Come explore the amazing animal kingdom of Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo through the lens of a talented photographer!

From the baby elephant Mpumi’s heartwarming tale to the Elephant Initiative’s conservation efforts, you’ll be immersed in a wild world of color and emotion.

Take a journey with us and let the beauty of Florida’s wildlife capture your soul.

Exploring Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo: A Photo Journey through Florida’s Wild Side

young family zoo photography

Let’s take a photo journey through Florida’s wild side at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo! Home to over 1,300 animals, the Lowry Park Zoo is a fun and educational destination for any age. From baby elephants to bears, anyone can join in on the adventure.

With special events, rides, and a lot of attractions, the zoo also serves as a popular wedding photographer destination.

Visitors are invited to take pictures with their favorite animal or explore the zoo’s page to find out more information about their trip. Admission is required, but the price is well worth it. The zoo also works in partnership with Zootampa at Lowry Park to help with the conservation of animals and the research of wildlife.

Anyone can come and visit Tampa Bay’s Lowry Park Zoo to have a fun and educational experience. Enjoy the special events, take pictures, and join in on the conversation about animal conservation. It’s a place full of adventure for adults and children alike.

The Heartwarming Tale of Baby Elephant Mpumi at Lowry Park Zoo

maternity zoo photography

Continuing our exploration of Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo, let’s take a moment to appreciate the heartwarming tale of baby elephant Mpumi.

As a member of the Lowry Park Zoo family, Mpumi has been delighting visitors since her arrival in 2020. She’s been engaging with the staff and guests alike, making every day at the zoo a special one.

During her typical session, Mpumi’s base is filled with people who are eager to get up close and personal with her. Every detail is captured by the zoo’s photographer, who creates lasting memories for every guest.

From her playful antics to her gentle nature, the zoo photographer captures it all, providing an opportunity for everyone to continue to enjoy Mpumi’s presence.

What a special addition to Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo!

Seasonal Changes at Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo: A Christmas Special Request

christmas zoo photography

As the holiday season approaches, the Lowry Park Zoo staff is busy making special arrangements for a Christmas surprise for Mpumi and her guests. The zoo photographer is ready to capture it all, and with the date quickly looming, the zoo requires a stand to be set up in a central and active location to access the best shot.

In December, a special request will be made to the photographer to get the perfect shot of Mpumi and her guests, including the surprise. The photographer, in turn, will use their skill and expertise to capture the moment and create a lasting memory of the special occasion.

Continuing Conservation Efforts at Florida’s Lowry Park Zoo: The Elephant Initiative

family photography zoo

Building upon the Christmas special request to the zoo photographer, the Lowry Park Zoo is now continuing its conservation efforts with the Elephant Initiative. The policy is simple: no elephant should ever be forgotten. Each elephant is invited to the wedding, so to speak, as a guest of honor.

This commitment to conservation is made evident in the zoo’s photography, with each shot highlighting the animals’ beauty and importance. Visitors to the zoo can now appreciate the wonders of the elephant, not just as captivating creatures but as living symbols of conservation and stewardship.

The zoo photographer’s task is to capture these moments and share them with the world so that no one ever forgets the importance of conservation.

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