WanderlustPortraits.com Acquires LaurenMcglynnPhotography.com

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From 2011 onward, LaurenMcglynnPhotography.com was the go-to spot for couples and families in need of photography wisdom and services. Alas, it went on a little vacation. But fear not! The LaurenMcglynnPhotography site is now strutting its pixels on WanderlustPortraits.com—a photography wonderland with all the locations, services, and tips you could wish for.

The reviews are pouring in like confetti at a wedding, and we’re hoping to make friends with even more cool cats.

To snag our greatest hits without breaking a virtual sweat, we’ve conveniently hyperlinked them for your clicking pleasure:

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I’m starting this new series of videos to better explain how and why i did the things that i’m building. Morag & Ranald’s Ravensheugh Log Cabin Wedding in North

photographer, Lauren McGlynn who’s made her own blog of the ceremony